What to expect at the Bark in the Park Tigers baseball games

Bark in the Park is a series of Tigers baseball games that allow dogs. I attended my first event a few years ago, and I’m so happy they’re back.  I can’t imagine watching a game any other way! And the best part is that it supports the Michigan Humane Society. So you enjoy a game with your bestie and help other dogs as well. Bark at the Park is sponsored by PetSmart.

I had a lot of questions about the event so I thought I’d share our experiences to help you decide if this is the right event for your pup, what vaccines are required, and how to get the most out of your evening.

A man and a newfie puppy posing under the Comerica Park sign and Tiger statue before Bark at the Park


3 games this year (2023) are eligible for the Bark at the Park tickets:

  • Tuesday, May 30 
  • Tuesday, August 29
  • Wednesday, Sept. 13

Before you can purchase tickets you must agree to a liability waiver.  This includes the rights for your images to be taken and used by Detroit Tigers, Inc, and you are assuring them that your dog is well behaved, up to date on annual shots, and will be kept on a leash during the entire event.

A tri-colored Corgi dog wearing a custom Tigers baseball helmet and bandana

After agreeing to the waiver (you’ll also be asked to print it out, sign it, and bring it with you to the game) you can access the tickets.  Dog access is limited to the mezzanine seats. 

You must buy a separate ticket for your dog.  One dog per 18+ person is allowed. Even though we have two dogs that would love to go we only bring one so that we can have more control, and honestly, so I can go take photos of all the dogs at the event.

A small dog wearing a replica Tigers batting cap and sunglasses

Each ticket costs $16 (plus any handling fees, it looks like for one dog/one human the fees are about $10 with electronic delivery). 

Link to buy tickets  

Use the code BARK to access tickets to the dog friendly games.  Click on the game you’d like to purchase tickets for.  It will ask how many tickets you are purchasing….this is only the dog ticket portion.  So if you are taking one dog only select one ticket.

Once the dog ticket quantity is selected you can choose your section, the choices are 211-215.  After you section is selected you will see that the Bark in the Park Adult ticket appears below.  Click on the 0 to change the quantity of tickets that you need for the humans.

Tickets are delivered electronically, you must download the MLB Ballpark app to access them (unless you’ve requested to pick up at will call which is also an option).  Download the app and make sure your ticket account is linked (via the email you used when purchasing the tickets) before you go to the game. It took me a few minutes to get it all set up and you don’t want to try doing this while in line with a lot of people waiting behind you!  If you run into any issues with the app you can call 313-471-2200.

A senior black lab wearing a Tiger's baseball themed tutu dress and hair bow

All tickets must be purchased in advance, there are no tickets available at the gates.  And these events do sell out pretty quickly so if you want to go, get your tickets now!



A Bernese mountain dog wearing a Tigers baseball bandana at Comerica Park

Dog Requirements

To attend a Bark in the Park event your dog must have a valid DHPP and rabies vaccination and you will need to show proof before you can enter the game.  

A black newfie puppy in the seats at Comerica Park, Detroit

We wanted to take our puppy to the first game but we wanted to wait as long as possible to give her the rabies vaccination.  We ended up getting the vaccination the morning of the game and were able to enter the park with no problems but I would recommend getting the vaccination at least a few days in advance. Especially since any vaccination can make your dog tired or have a rare reaction that you wouldn’t want to discover while at a baseball game.

All dogs must be on a leash and no retractable leashes are allowed. Again, you cannot use a retractable leash within the ballpark. Amen!

Dogs do not have to be spayed or neutered but please use common sense and do not bring a dog that could be going into heat.  The future Bark in the Park games depend on keeping everyone safe.

A happy Leonberger dog sporting a Tigers bandana at Bark at the Park

Every dog must be wearing a collar with an identification tag with a name and contact information.  Again, pretty common sense and side note – your dog should also be microchipped. As a volunteer with a dog rescue group we have sometimes gotten a dog home before the owner knew it was missing because the dog was chipped.  It’s a very inexpensive insurance policy.

A smiling cream lab wearing a Detroit Tigers bandana while at Comerica Park

What can/can’t you bring to the game?

Leave your bag and purse at home.  Per the Tigers website:  “All bags, purses and clutches are now prohibited, with medical or diaper bags being the exceptions. Single compartment wallets smaller than 4” x 6” x 1.5”, with or without a handle or strap are permitted.”  You can view the standard prohibited/allowed items on the Tigers website, here: https://www.mlb.com/tigers/ballpark/information/security

Remember – no retractable leashes!

A happy goldendoodle wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey at Comerica Park

What should you bring to the game?

Bring doggie bags with you.  There is an outdoor grass carpet area for the dogs to relieve themselves on but not all dogs will like that so please make sure that your dog has been walked/had a chance to go to the bathroom before the game. 

There were plenty of dog water dishes set out around the park.

English bulldog enjoying pets from it's owner in the stadium sets at the Tigers baseball game


Want to arrange your parking before the game? Follow this link to see locations and pricing of available parking. Or use the ParkWhiz website, it appears that both have the same pricing.

How to enter the park

The gates open at 5:30pm.  All dogs must enter via Gate B.  This is the southwest entrance at the corner of Witherell Street and E Adams Ave.  The dog check in area closes at 8pm, but you’ll want to get there much earlier to get the most out of your adventure.

Tigers fans, both dog and human, are lined up waiting to enter Comerica Stadium for Bark at the Park

There is a three step process to enter the park. I recommend that if you have at least two people in your group have one person wait in the security line while the other person checks off the other steps.  

The line of people and dogs waiting to enter Tigers Stadium for Bark at the Park

Take your vet records with proof of valid rabies vaccination to the table where the vets are located.  You do not need the actual rabies vaccine certificate, just proof from the vet that it has been done on their records.  They will check your name off the list. You will receive a slip of paper once you’ve completed these two steps and you will need this paper to complete step 2.

Join your group in the security line, make friends as you wait, and then hand over your paper as you approach the metal detectors.  

Open the MLB Ballpark app on your phone so they can scan your tickets.  Paper/printed out tickets are not accepted unless you picked them up from will call.

A young golden retriever dog at Comerica Park

And you’re in!!!  The whole process was very smooth and easy.

At the game

Once you’re in you’ll go up the two flights of stairs to the Mezzanine area.  This is where all the action is.

The Fox News Crew filming at Bark at the Park at Comerica Park.

Immediately at the top of the stairs you’ll go down the somewhat narrow walkway.  This area can get a little crazy at the beginning of the event so if it’s a bit overwhelming for your dog keep walking through until the space opens up.  The Tigers mascot will be there so you can get some photos.

On your left will be a one-way area to check out the vendor booths and official photography station (depending on the game, there have been less and less each year).  There are several pet food companies handing out samples and a photo station with a Tigers/Michigan Humane Society backdrop. The line was pretty long at the beginning of the game so you can either wait and watch everyone walk by or come back later.

A small dog wearing a bowtie enters Comerica Park for Bark at the Park baseball game

Tip – there is a second group area across from the food court where you can also get the food samples and a dog play area.  This is where the outdoor “bathroom” carpet is located, along with some dog pools if your dog needs to cool off.

Two small dogs greeting each other over the stadium seats at Bark at the Park

Once you’ve taken in all the festivities you can grab your food and find your seat.  Or you can hang out in the dog areas and meet all kinds of dogs and admire their outfits.

A Newfoundland dog sits on it's owners lap in the seat of Comerica Park, Detroit, during a dog-friendly baseball game







Bark in the Park Tiger’s games can be fun for your whole family, including your favorite family member – your dog!

A french bulldog and a hound sniff noses over a row of seats at Comerica Park, Detroit

Have you been to any of the Bark at the Park Tiger’s games?  What did you think? And let me know if I’ve missed anything.  And don’t forget to show some love to the sponsors of Bark at the Park, PetSmart and Michigan Humane.

An English bulldog licks a man in the stadium seats at Comerica Park, Detroit


A woman pets a dog wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey at a Bark at the Park baseball game


A black Newfoundland puppy dog sits in an empty row of seats at Comerica Park

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