Celebrating the magic of kids and their pets



A young girl sitting with a shihpoo dog on her lap in summer

Calling all southeastern Michigan pet parents with kids!

Our children, both human and canine, grow up way too fast!

Here’s your chance to hit the pause button, and capture the wonder and joy of those simple moments shared between kids and their pets.

Here’s the scoop:

It’s easy.

Enjoy an outdoor photoshoot for your kids AND four-legged friend*.  

Chaos is expected and celebrated.  My only “rule” (besides safety first) is that your kids and pups can do no wrong.

Then we’ll showcase your children and pet’s story and images in a special project.

*All pets are welcome – dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, pretty much any animal except spiders

Tails of Childhood Woof Upon a Time”

A fundraising book project supporting the Humane Society of Macomb


Images from your photoshoot will be featured in the hard cover coffee-table style book that supports the children’s summer camp at the Humane Society of Macomb.

A copy of the book is included in your registration.

Mock up of the Tails of Childhood book

Registration details:

Space is limited so sign up now AND get the early bird bonus product credit!

Registration includes:

  • A photoshoot for your kids and their pets with Firefly
  • A 2 page feature in the book
  • A copy of the image used in the book
  • A copy of the book
  • A $100 donation to the Humane Society of Macomb

After you’ve registered I’ll be in touch to plan our adventure! I can’t wait to meet you and your family.

Sessions will be held in local parks.  Dogs can stay on leash for the photoshoots.

The process:

Just a few simple steps, and I’ll walk you through each one


Decide if you want images of just the kids/dogs or if you want to take this opportunity to have full family images.  Then click on the corresponding orange button to proceed to payment!


We’ll have a quick Zoom call to talk about your family and pick the perfect location.



Have a great time with your family while I make crazy noises, give your pet lots of yummy treats, keep your kids entertained with games to keep them invovled, and get amazing images.


You’ll get to see your gallery of images on a Zoom call. We’ll design any artwork and we’ll pick your favorite image to be included in the book.


Registration Options

Standard Registration


Average client spends between $390 and $2000
  • Photoshoot for kids/dogs (we’ll get a few family images, too)
  • 2 pages in the book
  • 1 image of child/pet in book
  • Digital copy of the book image
  • Copy of the book
  • $100 Donation to Humane Society
  • Zoom planning session
  • Wardrobe suggestions
  • High-value treats for your pup
  • 50 min photoshoot at local park
  • Entered into the Firefly Pet of the Year Contest

Full Family Upgrade


Average client spends between $790 and $3000
  • Extended photoshoot for entire family
  • 2 pages in the book
  • 1 image of child/dog in book
  • Digital copy of the book image
  • Copy of the book
  • $100 Donation to Humane Society
  • $600 product credit
  • Zoom planning session
  • In home wardrobe consultation
  • High-value treats for your pup
  • Photoshoot at local park (no time limit)
  • Entered into the Firefly Pet of the Year Contest

Still have questions?  Email Jen@fireflypetphotography.com

What’s included in the $290 registration fee

Firefly Experience

Enjoy the full service Firefly pet photo experience – usually a $1290 starting price. Includes a consultation call, the portrait session, and a design consultation to pick your images from a gallery of choices.

A fun photoshoot

We’ll pick the perfect park for your photoshoot.  Your pup can stay on leash.  Upgrade if you’d like the whole family to be in some of the images.


2 full pages in the book

Tell your children and pup’s story in words and images. An image of your child and pet will be included in the limited edition hardcover coffee-table style book.


An image to enjoy & product credit

You’ll receive a digital copy of the image used in the book.

Help the animals

$100 from every registration is donated to the Humane Society of Macomb to support their summer children’s camp.

Pet of the Year 2023 Contest

You will be eligible to be part of the Pet of the Year 2023 contest to win prizes!

Two young children hugging a black dog

What it’s really all about…

An evening in a beautiful location where your kids and pups can run and play without being forced to smile every minute – a fun experience for everyone.

Images on your wall that showcase the bond between your family and every time you look at them you’ll remember the joy of all those summer days.

The perfect gift for grandparents.

Peace in the knowledge that your kids will have a tangible memory of your pup, something that you enjoy now and they will treasure as they grow older.

You’ll feel good that in the process of getting your images you’ve helped support the animals in need.



Some photographers are great with families, and some photographers are good with dogs.  Jennifer was the first photographer who was great with both.  It was our favorite family photoshoot!

– Nicole A.


Logo of the Humane Society of Macomb

Official Charity Partner:
The Humane Society of Macomb’s Mission

To help those who cannot speak for themselves. To provide humane care for unwanted, abused and injured animals. To prevent cruelty to animals. To place adoptable pets into good, permanent homes with responsible owners. To make every effort to return stray animals turned into the shelter to their original owners. To promote spay and neutering, to prevent overpopulation through education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog needs to be on a leash?
Many dogs stay on leash for their photoshoot! Most leashes can be edited out; harnesses are more likely to remain in.

My #1 priority is the safety of your pet.

What if my dog is nervous around strangers, or not good with other dogs?
I’ve fostered over 100 dogs and cats, and so I’m used to all kinds of behavior!

I know of several locations that are off the beaten path; I can use lenses that allow me to stay further back than usual; and I’m happy to get shy dogs time to warm up and enjoy a little walk before the camera comes out.

We’ll discuss how to make your pup most comfortable during your consultation.  Same for your children.


Where do photoshoots occur?
We’ll meet in a local park, I have a few options depending on where you’re located.
What if my dog won't sit still or isn't well behaved?
No worries!

I’m used to working with all kinds of dogs whose training is a little ruff around the edges.  Plus, that’s part of what makes your pup unique!

It’s my job to make sure they look at the camera, and I have lots of ways of making that happen.

I also have lightning-fast gear, so all I need is a split second to get the perfect shot!

Do I need to pay anything beyond the registration fee?

Your $290 registration fee includes your photoshoot, the donation to the charity, a copy of the image selected for the book,  and a copy of the book when it’s published.  It does not include any artwork for your home.  But if you love your images and want to create drool-worthy art to display or an album to treasure, you can choose to add on.  Prints start at $250 and wall art starts at $790, the average spend is between $1600-$3000.  But there is no obligation/pressure to purchase anything beyond the registration fee.  Fair warning though, your family won’t make it easy on you….you are going to love your images 🙂

What if I'm not comfortable having my child's photo in a book?

I completely understand if you want to keep your child’s identity private and I will respect that wish.  The only information shared in the book is what you share with me, and it can be as simple as first name of your child and your pup’s name and a little story about them.  I won’t list last names or locations.  And there are many ways to include your child in the photo without showing their face. -they can be blurry in the background, have their face turned away from the camera (see the example near the top of this page), or it might just be their hands or feet included in the image.  You’ll have input into what image goes into the book.

What if I don't have human children?
This particular project celebrates the bond between children and their pets.  For a pet-only photoshoot I would recommend a standard Firefly Looking Glass experience.
What should I wear to my photoshoot?
Prior to your shoot, you’ll get a guide featuring tips on what to wear (and what not to wear).
What if I don't like being in photos?
The book will be featuring imges of the children and pets, but because you’re such an important part of your family’s story, I strongly feel that you need to be in at least some of the photos.

There are lots of options to include you without making you the focus of the image. And, I’m happy to assist with posing and positioning to help you comfortable.


Will you take photos of any other kinds of pets besides dogs?
I talk about dogs most of the time because that represents the majority of my clients. But, I’m happy to photograph any kind of pet (except spiders because they freak me out)
When will the book be available?
The book should be published in early 2024, depending on how quickly all the photoshoots are completed and the publishing deadlines.  Additional copies may be purchased for $50.

Still have questions?  Email Jen@fireflypetphotography.com

Hi!  I’m Jennifer and this is my senior photo taken with our Great Pyrenees, Beau.  It’s still hanging on the wall at my mom and dad’s house, after over 30 years!  And to be honest, I’m guessing that’s because it’s of me and Beau together.


I love that I have this image with Beau, but I wish that I had more images of my childhood dog, Laddie.  He was my best friend as I was growing up, and I’m sure he took the blame for some of my escapades!  As a pet photographer, I believe that celebrating and honoring our own childhood pet memories is just as important as creating new ones for our children. 


My goal in creating this book is to capture that magical bond between kids and their pets.  I know, it’s a lot like trying to hold onto those summer nights by catching fireflies in a jar.  But in this case, these images will be a tangible memory.  One that parents and grandparents can enjoy now, and that the kids will one day treasure as they think back to their childhood.

I believe that pets have a way of bringing joy into our lives, and it’s our responsibility to create a world where they are loved, respected, and treated as part of the family. By teaching children to appreciate and care for animals, we can build a more compassionate and empathetic society, where everyone’s well-being is valued. That’s why this book project is supporting the Humane Society of Macomb, to help future generations and future generations of animals.


A young couple holding a baby sitting next to their Bernese Mountain Dog in a Michigan park in the fall