Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog needs to be on a leash?

All dogs will stay on leash for their photoshoot! Most leashes can be edited out; harnesses are more likely to remain in.

My #1 priority is the safety of your pet.

Where do photoshoots occur?

Each Pups & Petals Session is selected to be the perfect spot for flowers in peak bloom.  That’s also why there are such limited spots.

What if my dog won't sit still or isn't well behaved?

No worries!

I’m used to working with all kinds of dogs whose training is a little ruff around the edges.  Plus, that’s part of what makes your pup unique!

It’s my job to make sure they look at the camera, and I have lots of ways of making that happen.

I also have lightning-fast gear, so all I need is a split second to get the perfect shot!

What comes with this session?

You’ll receive a $500 product credit to use towards any artwork purchase after session.  Images start at $250 each including a high resolution digital image and matching 5×7 print.

What should I wear to my photoshoot?

Prior to your shoot, you’ll get a guide featuring tips on what to wear (and what not to wear).  In general I recommend avoiding black or white, but earth tones and pops of color are usually great.  Consider the flowers, too.  Daffodils will be golden yellow, azaleas will be bright pops of pink and purple, and peonies will range from coral pink, to hot pink, to creamy whites.

What if I don't like being in photos?

This project will feature mostly just pets, but because you’re such an important part of your family’s story, I strongly feel that you need to be in at least some of the photos.

There are lots of options to include you without making you the focus of the image. And, I’m happy to assist with posing and positioning to help you comfortable.


Will you take photos of any other kinds of pets besides dogs?

I talk about dogs most of the time because that represents the majority of my clients. But, I’m happy to photograph any kind of pet that can be taken to the park (except spiders because they freak me out)

What if my dog is nervous around strangers, or not good with other dogs?

I’ve fostered over 100 dogs and cats, and so I’m used to all kinds of behavior!  And we’ll work with whatever they need.  The Nichol’s arboretum sessions will have the most people as it’s a public park.  The cutting garden peony session is on private property that I’m renting so that might be your best bet.



What if it rains or the flowers aren't blooming?

I’ll be obsessively checking the weather and flower status before our session.  Any cancellations will be made a few hours before the session at my discretion.  Rainy photoshoots can be beautiful, especially since it means we could get some rainbows!  So have an umbrella handy, just in case.  If the flower schedule has changed I’ll notify you as soon as possible to make other arrangements.