I love selecting just the right prop for our pet photography session.  It needs to compliment both your pup and the surrounding landscape.  I don’t want it to take the focus away from the subject, but it should add in another texture as a supporting layer.

Furniture Props

Furniture props have multiple roles – they can raise a pet off the ground, provide a clean backdrop for your pet, make a nice spot for humans to sit, and sometimes it helps contain the pups in one spot for a quick second (which is all I need).

Wardrobe Props

Sometimes we just want a little pop of color, or a touch of elegance.  I have a selection of bowties and collar flowers in a variety of colors.  No offense, but I’m not a fan of bandanas and I usually recommend leaving them off.  But if you have a bandana you love we can take some images with it and then a variety of poses without it.

Or maybe you have a unique or personal accessory and you want to show it off?  One of my clients had a collection of Mickey Mouse ears she wanted to incorporate and since I love anything Disney I was completely on board!

The border collie named Moss poses in a garden of flowers at the Ford House in Michigan
A young woman poses next to her yellow lab as they both wear Micky Mouse ears.
A baby announcement featuring the feet of a man and woman, with dog paws and baby shoes.

Toy Props

Toy props for pet photos can include things like my vintage red wagon (always popular with the kids), squeaky toys, or even a bubble machine.

Two kids sitting in a wagon as their Giant Schnauzer dog sits nearby
A black and white Great Dane puppy plays with a squeaky dog toy
An English bulldog plays with a donut squeaky toy in the golden hour.

Christmas Props

My Christmas tree farm sessions are some of my favorite artisan sessions.  I pretty much take over the tree farm with all my props!  That way everyone has a variety of images and I swap them out from year to year to keep the Christmas cards looking fresh!

Cream french bulldog standing in front of small red sleigh
An Australian Shepherd dog sits in a wooden crate surrounded by Christmas trees.
A Bernese Mountain Dog poses at a Christmas tree farm while surrounded by giant Christmas ornaments.
A young couple kiss their Bernese Mountain Dog while at a Christmas tree farm.