Dachshunds are the one of the best breeds in the world. They’re loyal, affectionate and love to play.  I’m amazed at how much personality can fit in those little bodies, which could explain why they’re so long! 

I love being around and photographing doxies so I’ve created the ultimate guide for Michigan dachshunds, filled with all kinds of ideas and unique ways to celebrate these pups.

It’s no surprise that National Dachshund Day (June 21st) is one of our favorite holidays! This holiday is recognized and celebrated worldwide, but we’ll add a Michigan flair here, including local ways to celebrate your doxie, gifts for your favorite dachshund lover, and adorable hot dog photos that you don’t want to miss.

About Dachshunds

Dachshunds are actually German hunting dogs. Originally bred to hunt vermin they have a high prey drive and dogged determination. But today we celebrate them for their short legs and big hearts.

There are three varieties of Dachshunds: smooth-haired, long-haired and wire-haired. They are loyal and loving, and they love to be around people. Dachshunds are very smart, easy to train, and love their humans! This breed is very friendly, playful, affectionate and loves playing games with their owners. They also love being outside exploring their surroundings on sunny days or going for walks when it rains outside (they do not mind getting wet).

Now let me get on my soap box.  If you’re interested in getting a dachshund please do your research.  Make sure that this is the right breed for your lifestyle.  And please, please, please, do NOT get your doxie from a pet store or Amish puppymill.  AKC registration means very little in my opinion.  You want to make sure that your doxie is healthy, and support breeders who are doing the best for the breed.  Even better, rescue a dachshund from Dachshund House and Corgi Rescue.

Can’t adopt a dachshund but want to help one?  Support Gabe’s Gang, they are a 501(c)(3) sanctuary for senior and special needs doxies.

Mini dachshund at Thayer's Corner park in Northville

The History of National Dachshund Day

If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’ve heard of National Dog Day. But how about National Dachshund Day? June 21st has been declared a day to celebrate these short-legged, pointy-nosed dogs since 1996—and it is celebrated worldwide every year. Why June 21st? Since that is the longest day in the year it just made since to celebrate the longest dog in the world on the longest day of the year.

The history of National Dachshund Day dates back to the United States in 1996 when members of the American Kennel Club (AKC) decided to create an annual holiday that would honor the breed for their unique characteristics and long history as hunting dogs.

Celebrating National Dachshund Day (or every day)

For your pup:

There are many activities you can participate in to celebrate National Dachshund Day, such as visiting a dog park, visiting a pet store, and even simply going for a walk. If you’re looking for an excuse to spend time with your favorite dachshunds, here are some ideas:

  • Try scentwork!  Lean into your pup’s natural sniffing abilities to exercise their mind as much as their little legs!  Plus it’s a great bonding experience.  Longsnouts in Ann Arbor has Nosework and Barn Hunt opportunities if you’d like to learn more, as does Canine Adventures in Farmington Hills.
  • Play your own version of scentwork at home – hide your pup’s breakfast in an unusual location or try a snuffle mat.
  • Get your special Doxie a pup cup while enjoying a car ride.

If your pup likes to attend dog-friendly events you can also enter them into a weiner dog race at the Frankenmuth Dog Bowl over Memorial Day weekend,  Bark on Biddle in Wyandotte, and the Royal Oak Barktoberfest (be sure to check out their logo!).

For awesome Doxie moms:

And how about a gift for yourself?  Here’s a round up of some awesome products made by Michigan creators.

The Black Dog Candle Company, a Michigan-based business, has a Dachshund candle.  Buy it here on Etsy.

Another local business you may want to support is The Graceful Doxie Co.  Their Etsy shop has adorable bandanas, and you know there are some “hot dog” themed patterns!

Have you heard of needlefelt?  I hadn’t either before I found Knotty Skeins.  This fiber artist creates realistic portraits of your pet (from a photo) out of wool.  Get yours here.

If you’re celebrating with a little wine (don’t forget that you’re not drinking alone if your dog is with you, and I’m a professional wine expert so that must be true) you are definitely going to want these elegant Doxie wine glasses by StellaReeve.

But if you want the ultimate celebration, not just for National Dachshund Day, but to enjoy every day -let’s capture the story of you and your doxie.  Book a custom photoshoot experience with Firefly Pet Photography!  Connect with me here to see if we’re a good fit.


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A dachshund dog on the stairs of the Mission Point Lighthouse, Traverse City
Dachshund dog in field of golden flowers in Michigan