Lavender Farm Sessions: The Ultimate Guide to a Dreamy Photography Experience for You and Your Dog

There are many reasons to have a photoshoot with your pup in a lavender field.  I’ll share my perspective as a photographer and also try to give you an idea of what to expect at your session.

A Unique Backdrop: I love the fact that Michigan has such a diversity of landscapes.  We’re so lucky to have a number of lavender farms in the area, especially ones that allow dogs!

Calming Environment: Lavender is known for it’s aromatherapy properties and that extends to dogs, too.  Just being in this setting is sure to bring a little calm and peace into your life.

Memorable Experience: These are special sessions, a once-a-year opportunity to capture these unique, beautiful moments with your dog.  If you have a bucket list for your pup, or even your own list, a lavender farm photography session should be on it!

Two golden retrievers standing between rows of purple flowers at a lavender farm in Michigan

What to Expect from a Lavender Farm Session

I offer two types of sessions at the lavendar farms.  Pups & Petals Artisan Sessions (approx 20 mins on limited days) or Classic Sessions (approx 1 hour, flexible dates).  Most of what I’ll share here is in regard to the shorter sessions.

Before the photoshoot you’ll receive directions to the farm.  I’ll include some wardrobe suggestions to maximize color harmonies with the flowers and surrounding area.

  • Private and Intimate: In most cases we are the only people at the farm.  At Ocimeae there might be another photographer on site but it would be very rare to have another dog around so it’s perfect for dogs who prefer not to be around other dogs or large crowds.
  • Shorter Sessions: Because we have such a brief window for the flowers and the best lighting I offer shorter sessions so more people can enjoy them.  I know the best spots at each farm so we maximize our time.
  • A variety of images: These may not be as long as a traditional photography session, but we’re still able to get a variety of images from your pup surrounded by the flowers, running (on leash) down the rows of lavender, and of course, some with you!
A yellow lab sitting in rows of lavender in summer

What should I wear to a lavender farm photoshoot with my dog?

Here are a few wardrobe tips to consider for a lavender portrait session:

  • Dress comfortably
  • Avoid high heel shoes
  • Sleeves photograph better than sleeveless
  • Ditch black/white for earth tones
  • Don’t try to match the purple of the flowers, complement it
  • Don’t match with others, coordinate
  • Consider your pup’s collar and leash
  • Remove any bag holders, etc. from your pup’s leash
Color palette suggestions for lavender farm portrait sessions with example images

What should I bring for my pet portrait session at a lavender farm?

I’ll have most of these items with me at a Firefly Pet Photography session but it wouldn’t hurt to have these yourself, just in case.

  • Water for you and your pup
  • Benedryl in case anyone gets stung by a bee
  • An epi pen if you’re allergic to bee stings
  • High value dog treats
  • A slobber towel (says the Newfie mom)
  • A toy that your pup would enjoy but not obsess over 
A young girl sitting with a small black dog in a field of lavender in Michigan

Where are the dog-friendly lavender farm sessions held?

I’ve searched the metro Detroit area for two years to find the perfect lavender farms for my sessions.  Some were gorgeous but wouldn’t allow dogs frown.  Some allowed dogs and photography, but didn’t inspire me for some reason (too much black plastic around plants, busy backgrounds, too many people, etc).  But I’m so happy to have found two locations that I love, each offering something a little different.

Belle Lavande, Stockbridge

The straight rows of lavender are divided by soft grass, with beautiful countryside all around.  Obviously most of our session is focused on the lavender, but I also hold full sessions here as well because there is also a variety of backgrounds we can use, including a large oak tree surround by open green space with a white fence in the background.

Ocimeae Lavender Farm, Webberville

I recently discovered Ocimeae and it makes me feel like I’m in the fields of Provence.  What I love about Ocimeae is the curving rows of lavender with dirt between the rows.  I think that’s what gives it the European flavor.  There’s also an open green space and two large oak trees but 90% of the session will be held in the curved rows of lavender.  Because of that I’ll only offer the Pups & Petals Artisan Sessions here.

Who this is for:

– One dog (book multiple sessions for multiple dogs because of the shorter time, or schedule a custom experience)

– Dogs who are fairly confident (normally it’s no problem to give a shy pup time to open up but the shorter sessions make that more difficult.  Not impossible, but you may not have as many images to choose from)

– When you want just a few great images of your pup in an enchanted setting.  For a storybook album you’d probably want to book a full session.

Who this is NOT for:

– Very large families. We’re working between rows of flowers and with less time than a full session.

– Shy dogs who need more time to warm up and relax.

– Dogs who are obsessed with eating spicy sky raisins (bees).  Most dogs are fine and the bees are not interested in us at all, but there are a lot of them.  I do bring Benedryl but know that there is a risk.

Imagine the joy and serenity of spending time in a beautiful lavender field with your beloved dog, capturing stunning, timeless photos that you’ll cherish forever.

Lavender farm sessions offer a unique opportunity to create lasting memories in a picturesque setting. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, add a stunning portrait to your collection, or simply enjoy a day out with your pup, these sessions are the perfect choice.

Don’t miss out on this magical experience, let’s make this lavender season unforgettable! 🌿💜

Pups & Petals Lavendar Farm Artisan session information is available here.

If you’d prefer a custom Firefly photo experience in the lavender fields with your family please contact for more details and pricing

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