The “Last Minute List”

Trade flexibility for savings!

happy Australian Shepherd dog on forest path michigan

Would you love beautiful photos of you and your dog?  

Do you have flexibility in your schedule and like to score a savings?

The Last Minute List might be for you!

I’m creating this short list because I understand that things happen and sometimes a session needs to be rescheduled at the last minute due to human/canine illness, a family emergency, etc. 

But I don’t want to miss out on the chance to create beautiful images if the weather is just right, or a particular flower or park look amazing.

Enter the Last Minute List!

Last Minute List details:

The List is meant for people who have flexibility in their schedule and don’t mind getting a call the day before, or even the morning of, a photoshoot date. 

In return you’ll receive a savings on the regular Firefly session.  Sessions usually start at $790, with $600 applied to product credit at your reveal session. 

But for the Last Minute List members the sessions are $500 with the same $600 product credit, a savings of almost $300.

Only 6 people can be on the list at any time – 3 for sunrise sessions and 3 for sunset sessions.


There are a few requirements to be on The Last Minute List:

  • Fill out this questionnaire and have a quick consultation call to confirm we’re a good fit and that being on the List makes sense for you
  • Pay The List session fee right after the consultation call
  • Be ready to go if you get a call/text from me 
French bulldog wearing harness

Who this is for:

– Anyone with a flexible schedule

– Spontaneous people

– People who love a good deal

Who this is NOT for:

– Families with busy schedules

– Photoshoots in premium locations like the Ford House that require permits

– End of life sessions for older pets

– Book project sessions (Tails of Childhood, etc)

The process

Just a few simple steps:


Answer a few quick question and schedule your consultation.


We’ll have a quick Zoom call to see if being on The List makes sense for you.

Confirm your spot

Pay the session fee and get confirmation that you’re on The List.  Then wait for the call!

Photoshoot & Artwork Design

Your photoshoot and artwork design session are part of the full Firefly Experience.


Julie Lynch:

We had the best experience!! Jen was open to going to multiple locations to find just the right background. My dog loved her and they quickly became friends. Then the best part was seeing the beautiful pictures and final product. I couldn’t possibly be any happier. Thank you for giving me forever memories of my best friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pitbull terrier with a drop of drool
Why do I need to pay the special session fee upfront?

Because these sessions are short notice there may not be time to send over an invoice and the resulting back and forth.  And with only 6 people on the list I need to know they are ready!

What if I pay the special session fee and you don't call or I'm not available when you do?
The short answer is that you’ll get a full refund or can apply the amount to a full session within the next year. 
Everyone on The List will get two chances, if you’re offered a Last Minute spot two times and you can’t make it you’ll be offered a refund or session credit and someone else will be added to the list. 
What if I have more than one dog?

Last Minute Sessions are for single dog households because multiple dogs require additional human support.

What if I don't like being in photos?

Because you’re such an important part of your dog’s story, I strongly feel that you need to be in at least some of the photos.

There are lots of options to include you without making you the focus of the image. And, I’m happy to assist with posing and positioning to help you comfortable.

Just let me know your comfort level for being in front of the camera and I can help.  And if you experienced some covid weight gain like most of us, don’t worry, I can always do some magic editing if you’d like.  

What if my dog needs to be on a leash?

Many dogs stay on leash for their photoshoot! Most leashes can be edited out; harnesses are more likely to remain in.

My #1 priority is the safety of your pet.

What if I'm just not sure if being on The List is right for me?

 Go ahead and fill out the form and jump on a quick call with me.  We can decide together if it’s the best route for you or if there is a better option for your needs.