Nostalgia and the Unforgettable Bond: My Childhood Companion, Laddie

We’re off to Never-Never Land!

Thinking back to my childhood pet, Laddie, I’m hit with a wave of nostalgia, that bittersweet joy. We got Laddie when I was about 4 or 5, he had been found at a local farm. He was a collie mix and he was my best friend.

I remember him so vividly – the images I have in my mind are still crystal clear, even though I don’t have a lot of photographs of us together.

We shared so many adventures together, from sharing a popsicle on the front steps of the house to rolling down the hill (he ran, I rolled). He’d crash into the forts we’d build in the living room and he was with us on all of our camping trips to the Smoky Mountains.

Even though Laddie has been gone for over 30 years now, I will always treasure my childhood memories of him and the special bond we shared. Photography wasn’t as advanced when I was growing up so I don’t have as many photos of us as I’d like. But I cherish the ones I do have, and the images I love most are the ones that include my family.

A woman and young girl cuddling their small dog

The Pitfalls of Cell Phone Photos: Lost Memories and Digital Clutter

With today’s cell phones it’s easy to take snapshots. But that also means that our phones are full of photos and unless you’re an organizing genius (if so please share your ways) those images tend to be in a huge folder with some good photos and some not-so-good ones and it’s hard to find the time to go through them all. And even then, it’s especially hard to take photos that include the entire family.

Besides the messy jumble of cell phone images, how many phones will you go through in the next 30 years? Will you still have access to those images? Or will they have been lost in a cell phone transfer or to newer technology? Will those images be kept locked in “cell phone jail” or have you printed them where you (and your children) can enjoy them every day?

The Benefits of a Professional Pet Photographer for kids and pets

That’s where I come in. To work with kids and pets requires two things – patience and a sense of humor. Luckily I have both! I’ve actually found that I love working with kids and their four-legged besties. I shouldn’t be too surprised, I’ve found that I’m happiest when I embrace my child-like heart and fill my life with magical moments. So I’m able to relate to the kids now, but I also know how the value of these images will only increase as they get older.

Some photographers are great with kids, but don’t work with many animals and may miss the little moments. Or they get frustrated if the dog doesn’t cooperate (because they won’t!). And some photographers are great with dogs, but aren’t sure how to keep the children engaged. That’s why it’s important to find a photographer that not only can work with both, but actually LOVES doing it (that’s me!!!).

These photoshoots can be complete chaos, in the best way. But don’t worry, we’ll get the more posed family portrait along with the more candid moments. And please understand that I expect the kids to be kids and the dogs to be dogs. If either (or both) kids and pups are wiggle worms that’s okay, I only need that split second to capture that feeling. I want this to be a good experience for everyone, including them, so there is plenty of fun and play time, with that extra bit of Firefly pixie dust.

A little boy hugs his mom and dad in a family portrait with their doodle dog

Creating Enchanting Moments: The Firefly Experience

Every Firefly photo experience starts with a quick consultation call to make sure we’re a good fit. If we are we’ll schedule an in-home planning session where we can coordinate outfits for everyone, and it’s a chance for the kids and pups to meet me before the session. And please understand, this is not an inspection! I don’t care if there are toys/dog hair in your home, I’d be more concerned if there wasn’t! I will most likely sit on the ground to be at eye level with the little ones (and to get puppy kisses).

At the photoshoot I’ll have lots of “games” to keep the kids involved and lots of treats for the four-legged ones. I won’t bribe or offer special goodies to the children unless you’ve told me to do so. My only rule at the photoshoot is that the kids and dogs can do no wrong. There is no disciplining at the session….because they are just being themselves. And that’s what we want to capture, right? Which also means that you can relax and enjoy this time with your family.

The best part is that when you see your images you’ll be transported back to that evening in the sun with everyone laughing and having a great time. And we’ll create the artwork that suites your lifestyle – whether that’s something for your walls or an album filled with all the details. You get to enjoy these images now, and one day your children will have a whole new appreciation for them.

So don’t wait, these moments pass by as fast as the blink of a firefly, so schedule your family photoshoot with your children and pets today.

The border collie named Moss poses in a garden of flowers at the Ford House in Michigan

Tails of Childhood: Woof Upon a Time

And if you’re reading this in June/July 2023 you have the chance to be part of something super special…..the Tails of Childhood: Woof Upon a Time book! It’s a coffee-table style book featuring heartwarming images of kids and their dogs, supporting the Humane Society of Macomb.

Registration will open in late June, sign up here to get more details as soon as they’re available, space is limited!

A young couple holding a baby sitting next to their Bernese Mountain Dog in a Michigan park in the fall
A blond teenage girl lays on the grass and smiles at her pug