A winter oasis for

 you and your dog 



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New! Greenhouse pet photography experiences


As the chill of winter settles in, our beloved senior pups deserve warmth and comfort more than ever.

At Firefly Pet Photography, I understand that many older pups find the cold weather less than inviting. That’s why I’m thrilled to unveil exclusive greenhouse sessions tailored especially for senior dogs.

Within our lush greenhouse sanctuary, your pup can relax with you in the gentle glow of sunlight, surrounded by vibrant foliage and sheltered from the chilly winds.

Because every wagging tail deserves to feel snug and cherished, no matter the season.

Don’t let the passing of time steal precious moments—act now to take advantage of this special offer and capture the warmth, love, and memories with your senior pup.

Since these are new sessions I’d love to get some more sample images and artwork.  So I’ve opened up just a few “special offer” spots for a few lucky pups.


I’m looking for a few smaller/senior pups and their humans for my greenhouse portfolio


– Must be willing to sign a model release

– Prefer if you’re able to dress in an earth tone color palette (avoiding black/white)

-Pay a $200 reservation fee (refundable after session or can be applied towards artwork purchase)


What you’ll get:

Complimentary Firefly Pet Photography portrait session, a $290 value

As a “thank you” you’ll receive:

$100 project credit towards artwork purchase

Dogs will get lots of yummy treats and a toy

Total value $390

*Images and artwork are not included and are available for purchase if you’d like 

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The process:

Just a few simple steps, and I’ll walk you through each one

Apply / Register

Fill out the quick form below to apply to the project


My team will give you a call and go over all the details to make sure we’re a good fit.  They’ll get you on the schedule and I’ll send over my wardrobe planning guide (hint – it’s toasty warm in the greenhouse!).


Photo session

Have a great time in the greenhouse with your pup!  I’ll do all the work getting them to look at the camera.  We’ll have about 45 minutes to get a variety of images – you with your pup, the pup by itself, etc.

Ordering session

You’ll get to see what I’ve captured during a Zoom video call.  Your product credit can be used towards any artwork purchase on this call.


Two young children hugging a black dog

What if I want to purchase some images?

It’s important to be in photographs with your pups, you’re such a huge part of their story.


And it’s only natural to want those images for yourself, to share on social media, for holiday cards, or to print and display so you can enjoy them every day.


At the Zoom ordering session you’ll see the results from our portrait session and you’re welcome to purchase any that you fall in love with.  There’s no obligation to make a purchase, but fair warning – your pup and I will make it difficult to walk away without some :). 


Artwork packages start at $500, with most clients choosing to spend between $1000 and $1800 to get a variety of images.  Your product credit can be applied to any artwork purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dog needs to be on a leash?

Even though we are indoors your pup will stay on leash.  Leashes can be edited out, my #1 priority is the safety of your pet.

What if my dog is nervous around strangers, or not good with other dogs?

I’ve fostered over 100 dogs and cats, and so I’m used to all kinds of behavior!

And since we’re in a greenhouse we should not be running into any other dogs.


Where do photoshoots occur?

We’ll meet at a large greenhouse in the Pontiac/Bloomfield Hills area, the exact location is included in your confirmation email.

What if my dog won't sit still or isn't well behaved?

No worries!

I’m used to working with all kinds of dogs whose training is a little ruff around the edges.  Plus, that’s part of what makes your pup unique!

It’s my job to make sure they look at the camera, and I have lots of ways of making that happen.

I also have lightning-fast gear, so all I need is a split second to get the perfect shot!

Why do I need to pay a reservation if the portrait session is complimetary?

There is a fee to hold sessions at the greenhouse, I’m covering that cost for these special sessions.  I’ve tried waiving the reservation fee but had some difficulties with late clients or no shows.  The $200 reservation fee holds your spot on the calendar and is refundable at the Zoom design session unless you miss your appointment.

Is artwork included in my reservation?

No images or artwork are included in your complimentary portrait session.  Traditional Firefly Pet Photography experiences start at $1290 which includes a $290 session fee.  That $290 session fee is waived for these sessions, but any images much be purchased.  There is no obligation to make a purchase.

When do photoshoots occur?

Since we are indoors we’ll have a little flexibility on the time of day for our sessions and I’ve blocked off a few select days to hold these sessions to reduce travel time and maximize greenhouse time.  You’ll be able to select from available appointments during your consultation call, with weekend and weekday appointments available.

What should I wear to my photoshoot?

Prior to your shoot, you’ll get a guide featuring tips on what to wear (and what not to wear).

What if I don't like being in photos?

This project will feature mostly just pets, but because you’re such an important part of your family’s story, I strongly feel that you need to be in at least some of the photos.

There are lots of options to include you without making you the focus of the image. And, I’m happy to assist with posing and positioning to help you comfortable.


Will you take photos of any other kinds of pets besides dogs?

I talk about dogs most of the time because that represents the majority of my clients. But, I’m happy to photograph any kind of pet that can be taken into the greenhouse (except spiders because they freak me out)

How will these images be used?

Images from your session will be used online in my social media and website, therefore I’ll need all participants to sign a model release form.

Why are these sessions better for small dogs?

This is a working greenhouse so there are hoses on the ground, therefore the best images will be of dogs elevated a little above ground level, either by being held or on small chairs.  It’s possible to hold sessions with larger dogs but we may be a little more limited.

Can my whole family attend?

Small families (couples with up to one child) should be fine but the greenhouse is limited on open space so we would be unable to get full family portraits of larger groups.

Hi!  I’m Jennifer.  I’ve been a professional pet photographer for over 5 years, but I’m been obsessed with photography my whole life and realized that I could help more animal rescues as a business than as an individual.

My traditional sessions are held in beautiful natural settings but I understand that while I love snow and winter not all dogs (or humans) do.  So the greenhouse was a natural fit!

I’m especially excited to have this option for senior dogs who may be uncomfortable in colder weather, but may not have the luxury of waiting until spring for an outdoor session.

Having fostered over 100 dogs and cats your pup is in good hands, I’ll make sure that they are comfortable and have fun so their personalities can shine through.

But just as importantly, you get to relax and be present in the moment with your pup.  Let me do all the work to get everyone looking at the camera.

I believe that dogs are magic and the more time we spend with them the better!