Dog-friendly Sporting Events in Michigan

Summer is finally upon us and I don’t know about you, but I am pumped that it’s finally here. With the warmer weather comes all kinds of activities outdoors and I know you want to include your dogs whenever you can.

I’ve compiled a list of dog-friendly sporting events in Michigan for you and your pup to have fun at this summer. Let me know which event you’ll be stopping at!

A small dog wearing a replica Tigers batting cap and sunglasses

The events:

If you’re a baseball fan then this is definitely the list for you! Our local baseball teams love hosting dog days throughout the summer.


Lugnuts Baseball (Lansing)- every Wednesday home game you can bring Fido with you! 

Traverse City Pit Spitters – Barks & Brews June 21, July 12

Tiger Games Bark in the Park on August 31st, September 12th (NEW!), and September 27th –  check out more info on these events, including what to expect and a printable checklist here.

Whitecaps (Grand Rapids) – Sept 7 is Dog Day



For all the soccer fans – so far only one event, the Detroit City FC women’s game, but last year they had a dog-friendly men’s game later in the summer, so stay tuned!

K-9s at Keyworth Stadium – DCFC women’s game June 28

What to know before you go:

I love dogs as much (probably more let’s be honest) than the next person but when attending these events please be mindful of your dog. If you’re taking them to these events they should always be on a leash. They should also be dog/person/kid-friendly. These events are great for spending time with your pup doing something you love but if they’re stressed out then it’s not going to be fun for anyone, least of all, them.

If your dog does end up becoming stressed the best thing you can do is remain calm. Reassure them as you remove yourselves from the crowds/situation that is making them uncomfortable. Be firm with the person/people who may be causing your dog anxiety. If you see that a child is heading towards your dog and you’re unsure how they’re going to react then let them know to stop or get their parent’s attention.

Your dog must have proof of rabies at each park but you will want to check with each park on their specific requirements for any additional records that may require (and don’t forget to leave the retractable leashes at home!).


Which of these games will you be going to?  And did I miss any great dog-friendly sporting events in Michigan?  Don’t forget to get your printable checklist for the Tigers game here.