Looking for the perfect Christmas tree and don’t want to leave your pup at home?  Here are  some suggestions on making the most of your adventure and you can download a list of twelve Metro Detroit tree farms that are dog-friendly.

Tips for bringing your dog to the tree farms:

#1. Leash for safety

All tree farms on this list have the condition of keeping your dog on a leash. And it just makes sense. So keep your dog safe and under control with a leash.

#2. Bring supplies

Make this a fun experience and reward your dog for good behavior by bringing some favorite treats.  Treats also help if you want to get some adorable photos while at the farm.  Don’t forget to pack bags in case your dog needs to do some business (and please don’t let your dogs mark any trees that are going to end up in someone’s living room!). And since dogs can’t have hot chocolate (as if you’d share)  bring some water along for good hydration.

#3.  Take lots of photos

Ugly Christmas sweaters are not required, but why not?  Definitely get photos in front of the trees but consider telling the story of the whole adventure. Get photos of your dog in the car, at the tree farm in front of the trees, with the family, in the tree-laden car, and then in front of the decorated tree at home. Use the rows of Christmas trees as leading lines and bring props like cozy blankets, scarves, a bow, or Santa hats.  (Hint:  you can always hire me to come with you and document your adventure!)

#4. Keep warm!

If you’re in a cold weather area then be sure to bundle yourself and your dog up. If you know you’ll be traipsing through snow getting your dog little booties to protect their feet is a great idea. These would be great!

A living room decorated for Christmas with beautiful artwork featuring dogs

Spending the day our and about at a tree farm with your dog and family will quickly become a favorite tradition with these awesome farms to check out. Grab the full list here.

And if you’re looking for some interesting gifts for a dog-lover (or yourself!) I’ve got you covered with a gift guide for pet people.