You probably have a lot of questions…

That’s completely understandable! I want you to understand the process so that you can be completely comfortable and relax, you’re in good hands. I’ve listed out some of the considerations here and I also have a guide to how to prepare for your photo shoot. The bulk of work is actually done before the shoot and after, the photography bit itself will fly by and be a lot of fun.

In general, your biggest task is giving me great information about your pet, and that doesn’t sound too hard, right? After the session is over I’ll take the images and narrow them down (this is where it gets difficult!), edit those images, and then share them with you. After your order is processed and printed, you get to enjoy the results when you walk by them everyday. So take a look below and see how your complete pet photography session will flow.

Design process

I make it easy and fun


What does your pup love to do? What do you love most about your pup?

Portrait Session

Have fun and get amazing images of your pet!


Choose your favorite images and how you want to display them



The first step in the process is to fill out the quick questionnaire. It only takes about two minutes and it gives me the very basic information about you and your pet(s). The important part is letting me know the best way to reach you for the follow up conversation. I’ll be in touch to learn more about your pet and what kind of art you’d like me to create for you.


Planning discussion

I love that special connection that we have with our pets and I celebrate it with my photography. You know your pet best. You know what his or her quirks are, the funny things that they do that still make you laugh out loud, or how their tongue sticks out when they’re asleep.

For example, my French bulldog Leon used to do the funniest play bow and give me a saucy look when he was fired up. And I don’t have a photo of it! I’d give anything to have that image of him, now that he’s gone.

I’ll ask you some questions that will help me understand you and your pup, especially what makes them happy.


My first priority is for the safety and comfort of your pet. This should be a fun experience for everyone involved!
Since we’re usually meeting at a local park I expect that your pup will be on leash for the entire photoshoot.  But don’t worry, leashes can be edited out of the final images.



I love shooting with natural light, so before our session I’ll ask about your schedule and factor in the best time of day to capture the light, which is early morning or late afternoon for outdoor shoots.

Sessions generally last around two hours. That gives everyone a chance to settle down and to get a nice variety of images for you to choose from. I usually like to let dogs run around a bit at first and get the action shots. Once the initial introduction energy has been burned off we can do more portrait and sitting pretty shots. After that I love to get snuggling shots!

And of course cats are going to do whatever they want to do so I’ll just hang out and see if I can entice them to play with some toys or grab some portraits or detail elements. I may ask you to assist on some of the shots by getting your pets’ attention or to hold a light reflector.



I love it when the owners are in some of the photos, I want to capture those quiet moments of you and your pet in a natural environment. Think about it – how many images do you have of your pet on your phone right now…and how many of those photos are you in?

But if you prefer to stay behind the scenes that’s okay, too. It’s nice to have a human element in some shots, even if it’s just your feet or hands – something connecting with your pet. This is a customized service and I’m not satisfied until you are. 

I come dressed for action so don’t be surprised if I’m laying on the ground to get on eye level or kneeling in the mud to get the best angle. And having owned a Saint Bernard, I can assure you that dog slobber/hair/piles don’t phase me in the slightest. I bring plenty of lens wipes and towels, just in case! Whatever it takes to get that shot!



This is the hardest part of all. The waiting! It takes an average of two weeks to have all of the images processed and ready to reveal. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait!

Once your images are ready you’ll be able to view them via a Zoom call. I’ll help you select your favorites and depending on which package or products you choose we’ll have get your custom artwork printed.

All payments are due at the time of the ordering session. MI sales tax is not included in the pricing. Prints start at $250 and wall art pieces begin at $690. While every session is different, the average range is between $790 and $2490.



Yay, your images are ready! As soon as I have inspected everything and made sure that it’s all perfect I’ll deliver your gorgeous new prints and wall art to your home. Now you can enjoy your images every time you walk by them.

Ready to start planning your next shoot? Here are some ideas:

  • New puppy/kitten
  • Birthday or Gotcha Day Cake Smash
  • Annual family portrait
  • Seasonal interest
  • Senior memories
  • Pups with their human siblings

Ready for Droolworthy Images?