Your guide to the dog-friendly DCFC soccer game

Detroit City Football Club rolls out the red carpet for our four-legged friends in a thrilling and one-of-a-kind dog-friendly game experience this Wednesday, June 28th!

Once a year the DCFC partners with the Michigan Humane for a dog-friendly women’s soccer game.  DCFC games are fun on their own, but add in dogs and this game is definitely worth checking out!

We love going to DCFC games so we weren’t going to miss the chance to enjoy watching the game with one of our pups. We took Bernie to the event last year and I honestly don’t know who had more fun, him or us.

The highlight of the game came when a daring squirrel dashed onto the field, creating a whirlwind of excitement among the dogs. In all the DCFC games we’ve attended we’ve never seen a squirrel, it was as if the universe had orchestrated this playful spectacle just for our furry attendees. But don’t worry, the squirrel made his dramatic appearance, whipped the dogs into a frenzy, and departed on his own safely.

I also loved seeing how creative people were in creating DCFC gear for their pups to wear – from bandanas and scarves to jerseys. One pup even had his toenails painted in maroon and gold🤣. It’s moments like these that remind us of the incredible bond we share with our furry companions and the sense of community that surrounds the game.

So if you’re able to go to the game you definitely should. It’s a unique experience and it supports the pups at Michigan Humane. I’ve created this post for you as a guide of what to expect at the DCFC dog-friendly soccer game, check it out:


The Location:

DCFC games are held at Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck, Michigan. The stadium was actually built in 1936 and renovated by DCFC in 2016. It’s old-fashion charm just adds to the atmosphere and makes a Detroit City FC game completely unique.

There are two sets of stadium sets, on either side of the field. The eastern most side is for the fans who want to sing, dance, and get rowdy. Similar to what you see at European football games. There are chants and songs, and their use of profanity is pretty spectacular. Then you have the drums, flags, and smoke bombs!

The other side is perfect for watching the game and the eastern bleachers 🙂. It’s also my favorite spot to sit because as the sun goes down it will be behind you so you’re not looking into the sun. The seats are wooden row benches and are general admission within your section.  This is where the dog-friendly section will be.

Food is supplied by a variety of food trucks. Some trucks are there at every game – Amicci’s pizza (you have GOT to try the chocolate chip cookie) and your classic Polish food (pierogis, sausages, etc) by Srodek’s. Other trucks rotate through and there are usually vegan and vegetarian options. Drinks are also available, but don’t expect to see any soft drinks besides Faygo!

We usually park at the business parking lot at Hewitt Street and Joseph Campau Street and walk to the stadium with the other fans. The main entrance to the stadium is down Roosevelt Street but for the K9s at Keyworth event you’ll need to enter at the Goodson Street entrance (which is to your right if you’re heading towards the main gate). There will be signs and volunteers pointing you in the right direction.

A happy yellow labrador retriever relaxing in a swimming pool


Tickets are $20 for one human (18 years+) and one dog. You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

Seats are general admission so you can pick your spot once you arrive.

Proceeds benefit the Michigan Humane.

All dogs must be spayed or neutered and be up to date on vaccinations. They should be wearing their ID tags.

Once you’re in the dogs must stay in the Very Important Puppy section of the stadium. This is the far right section of the western bleachers. There is one drink station that is within the VIP section but if you want food you’ll have to leave the pups behind. But don’t worry, Michigan Humane has your back (or stomach in this case) and has volunteers on hand who will hold your pup while you go get your food.

There is a spot where the dogs can relieve themselves in the VIP area but make sure to bring your own bags.

At halftime there is usually a parade of dogs, ask about it as you enter if you want to be part of it. Last year you had to sign up online in advance but it seemed like they were looking for participants just before halftime.

Given the shouting crowds and noise of the game this is not the best social outing for very shy or reactive dogs.

What to bring:


A printed copy of your dog’s vaccinations (they say pups must be up to date on all vaccinations)

A 6’ leash (NOT retractable)

Doggie bags

Treats for your pups

What to do:

Enjoy the game and meet fellow dog lovers and soccer fans! And of course, take lots of photos of your pup enjoying their dog-friendly DCFC soccer game experience.

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