Ready for some professional photos of your cat?  Prepping for a cat photoshoot can look a little different than a dog! When I photograph dogs, I direct them through poses and locations. However, when I photograph cats, they direct me, period!

Cats are notorious for doing things on their own time, thank-you-very-much, which means that our photoshoots are always flexible.

Keep in mind that expectations lead straight to satisfaction. There’s no wrong way to have a cat photoshoot.  And we’ll chat about your kitty during our consultation call so I can learn about any quirks.

When you work on their timeline, don’t push for more than they’re willing to give, and have lots of goodies ready to bribe their entitled selves, you can only be thrilled with the results.

Here are some tips for preparing for a cat photoshoot in your home.

Tips for preparing for a cat photoshoot in your home:

Tips for adjusting to strangers
  • Talk quietly/normally
  • Work on your cat’s timeline. Don’t pick them up if they seem uncomfortable, and don’t pull them out of any hiding spots they may escape to while they adjust (though you may want to close doors to bedrooms if they tend to hide under the bed).
  • Even the bravest and friendliest cats can get skittish around strangers and cameras! Be prepared to be patient, and your cat will follow your lead.  We can chat for a bit if your kitty needs some extra time.
  • Start with a session of your cat’s favorite activity: play, grooming and, petting, even eating.
Find a motivator: Favorite toys or noises for good ear perks and reducing nerves
  • What is your cat drawn to? Is she partial to hair ties? Be sure to have some on hand. If she prefers feathers, squeaky or crinkly toys, have those ready to go too (I’ll bring a stock of toys as well)
  • If your cat is food motivated, have her favorite treats in stock should we need them. She’ll thank you regardless.
  • If you aren’t familiar with your cat’s reaction to catnip, don’t risk it — cats have different reactions.
Know favorite details and locations:
You know your cat best. If they have a patch of fur or a funny face they always make, take note of it so we can capture it! I recommend making a little note in your phone of the things you want to be sure we capture.
We’ll work in their space
  • We’ll get their high-flying perches, the under-the-bed mystique, or the cozy comfort of a basket of warm laundry. We can easily scooch it over a few feet to get the right lighting!
  • Have houseplants?  They’re easy to move around and can create a jungle or tropical feeling, the next best thing to being outdoors.
  • Think about the backgrounds, we want them to be as simple as possible, so we may move some things around.
  • Be sure any beds and cat trees are hair-free (or as close as they can be), so the focus is on your feline friend.
  • Despite our dearest wishes, we can’t all be Snow White with her team of forest animals (not that you would want to hear me sing, anyways!). Here are a few good hair-removing tools:

I hope these tips for preparing for a cat photoshoot in your home are helpful! I know how independent cats can be, but with the proper setup and patience, we will get pictures you never thought possible!  And don’t worry, I have a money-back guarantee.  If you don’t love your images at your reveal I’ll either refund your session fee or we’ll try again.


Ready to enjoy gorgeous photos of you and your cat?  

Newfoundland dog eating a slice of watermelon in summer