Welcome to the Firefly 2025 Calendar Contests!

Who will win? Maybe you!!

Battle of the Barks – Show Your Team Spirit!

Join the friendly rivalry as the Wooferines (Humane Society of Huron Valley) and the Sbarktans (Capital Area Humane Society) go paw-to-paw to raise the most support!

At the end of the contest, the team that raises the most money through votes and calendar sales will claim the prestigious Bark Bowl trophy and eternal bragging rights (at least until next year)! 🏆


How to Win the Wag-tastic Grand Prize:

Nominate your pet and upload their photo with a $5 donation to whichever team you’d like to support (click on your team’s illustration above)

Share it with your friends & Family and ask them to vote for your pet (Votes are $1 each)

🏆 The top 13 entrants with the most votes from each team contest will earn a coveted spot in their respective calendars and a firefly pet photography experience!📸

The pet with the most votes secures the cover photo, while runners-up (2nd – 13th place) will be featured as Pets of the Month 📆

All votes and entry fees are donated to the respective Humane Societies. Which ever team has raised the most amount of money by the end of the contest wins the Battle of the Barks and the Bark Bowl tropy!

Enter and vote by clicking on the team you’d like to support:

Other ways to contribute

Reserve Your Pet’s Special Spot:

Celebrate your pet by reserving an empty grid space, perfect for honoring a cherished furry friend. Choose a favorite photo, select a month, and secure your spot before they’re all taken! Each grid space is just $20 and will vanish faster than a pup chasing a ball. 🎾

Purchase a calendar:

You can pre-order your calendars now on the contest pages. Calendars will also be available for sale later this fall when they’ve been printed at the Humane Society offices.

Purchase a special product:

Get some team swag, treats for your pup, and more! A portion of each of these items’ proceeds will be donated to the respective Humane Society (these purchases will not count towards the Bark Bowl contest but will help the organizations).

Team Swag:

Get items with the 2024 team illustration and 50% of the proceeds will be donated back:

Michigan Wooferines

Michigan State Sbarktans

Dog Birthday Cakes

$1 from every Berner Boards Barkery by Riesling doggie birthday cake ordered in May (must be redeemed by Oct 31, 2024) will be donated to the CAHS. Check out their FB/IG page for more information and order via DM or send an email to bernerboards @ gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the rules on the GoGoPhotoContest website as those are the final and binding rules.

How much does it cost to enter and vote?

It’s $5 per entry and each vote costs $1.  Winners are determined by the highest number of votes, as determined by GoGoPhotoContest.com  

Contest fees are tax deductible.  The email acknowledgment to your online donation serves as your tax receipt.


Can I enter more than one pet in a photo?

There is a limit of 2 pets per photo.  If you win a calendar feature both pets will be featured in the same month.  You are able to enter more than once if you have more than two pets, but that may divide your votes, and does not increase your chances of winning.

The same pet can only win once.  Attempts to win two spots in the calendar of the same pet will not be permitted.


Photo entry details

Photos should include up to two pets only, no humans.  Photos must be uploaded.  We cannot accept any copyrighted or professional photos.  If you submit an entry that is copyrighted by another individual (a professional photographer retains copyright even if you’ve purchased an image unless you specifically bought out their copyright), you are responsible for any legal action the copyright holder takes against you.

Can people be in my photo entry?

No, I’m sorry, but pets only.  And the calendar images will not include humans, but if you win a spot in the top 13 places you are welcome to have family images taken during the session and those will be available for purchase.

Where do I enter and vote?

To vote for the MI State Sbarktans click here: 


To vote for the MI Wooferines click here:


Where do photoshoots occur?

We’ll meet in a local park, I have a few options for both the Ann Arbor and Lansing areas.

What if my dog won't sit still or isn't well behaved if they win the photo experience?

No worries!

I’m used to working with all kinds of dogs whose training is a little ruff around the edges.  Plus, that’s part of what makes your pup unique!

It’s my job to make sure they look at the camera, and I have lots of ways of making that happen.

I also have lightning-fast gear, so all I need is a split second to get the perfect shot!

And all pets will remain on leash for the photo experience.


What kind of pets are included?

Any pet except spiders.  I’m terrified of them so I just can’t do them justice in a photo session.  But the calendar photo sessions will be taking place outdoors in a local park so your pet will need to be able to photographed there or your spot will be forfeited.

When will the calendars be available?

The calendars should be ready for pickup/delivery by late fall 2024