Pet photography for both ends of the leash

Hi, I’m Jennifer from Firefly Pet Photography, a southeastern Michigan based pet photographer.


Do you ever feel like the state of the world is just a never-ending downpour?🌧️. Yup. Me too. So, I’ve decided to build a rainbow.🌈


Welcome to Firefly: a little oasis of color, flowers, and of course, the magic of dogs.  Around here it’s a bit like your own personal Disney movie… A whimsical little world where pets and the beauty of nature help us create our own wonderland by embracing our inner-child heart.


Let’s Create our Own Sunshine

I’ve made it my mission to leverage the power of our pets by immortalizing those moments that make our hearts glow with joy.

I call this the Firefly Effect: every photo session and finished piece of artwork is like a jar full of little lightning bugs: little sparks of happiness reminding us of the very best stuff that we wish could last forever.


That fills us with the wonder and awe of pets, which makes us happier, which is contagious.

I believe we’re all here for a reason and we will each make the world a better place in our own, magical way… and that each pet companion that comes into our lives also has a purpose.

Your connection with your pets is not a coincidence; it’s a beautiful part of your unique journey. 

My calling is to help women rediscover a sense of wonder and joy by reconnecting with their childlike hearts through their beloved pets.

Tapping into this magical connection with our pets and nature empowers each of us to rediscover and radiate our inner light, illuminating a path towards compassion which positively influences us, our families, and everyone around us (two-legged and four-legged).  Especially the little ones who will be future pet parents.

 Join me in spreading a little sunshine.  You can start by just spending quality time with your pup (check out my weekly Pupdates for ideas) or of course I’d love to give you the full Firefly Pet Photography experience.


No matter what you choose to do today, let’s make every moment count.

And remember, when we capture timeless images and showcase them in your home, you’re tapping-into that joyful Firefly effect each day and sharing it with everyone who walks through your door.

When you’re ready to decorate your home with love and laughter to create your oasis, I’m here to help.

A trained wine sommelier turned professional pet photographer, my most important job is chief butler to our dogs and cats (as well as the occasional foster). I love animals, travel, photography, wine, Disney, and gardening, especially flowers. Any combination of at least 2 and I’m in!

As a wine expert I can tell you don’t save your wine for a “special day”. Not all wine is made to age. And seriously, who wants to wait that long? Make any day a special occasion and enjoy it!

Personally, I am pairing my “good” wine with pizza, Pushing Daisies (I’m a sucker for light-hearted murder mysteries, no violence for me), and the pups on the couch.

It’s the same with photographing pets, don’t wait for a certain date….yes, we can do birthday, adoptiversary, cake smashes, maternity, baby or wedding announcements, and senior legacy sessions with your pups, of course! But let’s capture the moments in between, too.

We’ll make your photoshoot a full experience filled with pixie dust and lots of laugher.  My only “rule” is that your pet can do no wrong!  And we’ll showcase your pet in artwork that you can enjoy every day.

Learn more about what to expect from your pet photography session.

Specialized professional pet photographer serving southeastern Michigan – Oakland, Washtenaw, Livingston, Wayne, and Monroe counties.  Travel sessions available.

All breeds, races, orientation welcome and valued.

My personal mood board

Mood board featuring whimsical and warm images, textures, and colors appealing to a child-like heart

 My personal goals

Please know that while I try to surround myself with joy and happiness I’m not sticking my head in the sand.  I do believe that we need to do what we can do to make the world better – both for people who are marginalized and for pets who don’t have their own voice.

So while my business is to help people rediscover their inner child and leverage the power of their pets to make the world happier I am also personally driven by these goals.

  • Help as many animal rescues as I can between fostering, transporting, driving awareness, and monetary and time donations. 

  • Keep animals out of shelters and rescues by increasing education and support structures, especially helping children understand how to take care of pets so both thrive and affect generations to come.

  • To create a space where dog moms (and dads) feel seen, comfortable, and acknowledged as the amazing pet parent they are.

  • Be an advocate for my pets.  To learn more and be better.  And to help others do the same.

  • Support local petpreneurs, especially female-owned businesses. 

  • My goal to hold a pet photo experience in every state in the US is currently on hold to reflect my values.  I don’t want to support states that don’t respect the basic rights of women.  Until that changes, Michigan is a beautiful location for a photoshoot.  Please come visit me here for your photoshoot.  If you do live in a state that enforces these mysogynistic laws I won’t punish you by refusing to do the session, but my session fee will be donated to a non-profit fighting for women’s rights in that area.



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