I love looking back at the end of the year and pulling out some of my favorite outtakes or funny images that aren’t necessarily going to be printed on a huge canvas wall piece, but should still be enjoyed. As a pet photographer you can bet that I get some pretty wild expressions and action shots. So I’ve created some special categories for this year’s roundup.

Best Singing the Song of my People award

This award goes to Bruce, the adorable dachshund.  Bruce had an opinion about our photoshoot and was not afraid to share it.  In fact, he let the whole park know that he was the guest of honor. I had to go to Facebook to narrow down the best singing face and this is the one that was selected (almost unanimously, and thank you to everyone who voted!).

A barking dachshund dog sitting on beach stairs in Traverse City, MI

Runner up in the best barking photo is Toby.  Toby’s mom warned me that he might talk a lot and he did not disappoint!  I actually don’t mind if dogs bark during our sessions…for one, if that’s their natural behavior it shows that they’re comfortable during the shoot.  And secondly, I want to capture their character and sometimes the funny facial images do that more than anything else.

A senior yellow lab with an open mouth to bark in a fall landscape

Cutest teeth award

I’m anxiously counting the days until my Invisalign braces are off so I take straight teeth very seriously….unless we’re talking about dog teeth.  Then anything goes because they are so darn cute! And I think sweet Nola has some of the cutest little “puppy teef” out there. Not to mention the completely boopable nose.

A close up of the nose and teeth of an English Bulldog

Best Walk on Water

Seriously, if any dog could do it, it would be Dizzi.  Despite what her name might suggest, Dizzi, is a very bright, very athletic, water-obsessed dog.  I had plenty of chances to nail this shot as she was happy to jump off the dock over and over again.

A golden retriever dog about to splash into a lake

Best Don’t Give a Damn attitude

We once fostered a senior English mastiff that would just lay down in the middle of a walk when she was done and wanted to head home.  She didn’t try to turn around, or sit down, or stop walking, she just laid down and refused to move until we agreed to go back the way we’d come.   It didn’t matter where we were, once she decided to stop it was game over and there was no moving her. She has since passed but I feel like her spirit lives on this spunky Great Dane who decided that the main walkway at Comerica Park was just as good as any place to rest at a Tigers game.

A black and white great dane laying down in the middle of a crowd

Best ?????

I’m not even sure what to call this award, I just know that Jasper deserves an award.  On a muddy spring playdate I caught this mid-action shot and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

A wet and muddy Italian Spinone puppy making a funny face

Best dressed

Tator Tot is all dressed up and ready to find her forever home.  A Waggin Tails foster dog, this gal needs a special parent to understand that she needs a little time warming up to new people, especially men.  But she can totally rock any outfit and adores playing with other dogs.

A shepherd mix wearing a shirt and bowtie

Most excited to eat a french fry

Another Waggin Tails dog, I was told that Sanford liked french fries.  I like french fries, too, so I knew we would be good friends. I’m pretty sure that I also make a face like this when about to eat a fry but luckily I’m the one picking the photos for this roundup so we’ll stick with Sanford‘s version.

A senior pitbull making a funny face as he is offered a french fry

Best side eye

I got to hang out with all kinds of doodles at the 2019 Doodle romp (the 2020 Doodle Romp is on May 3 at Orion Oaks Dog Park, come out and join us!).  This guy wanted to make sure that I got his best side as he ran past. I feel like this would also be a good dating profile pic for him.

A brown and white doodle dog wearing a harness running in the grass

Best The Bachelor impression

Who will get the rose?  Will Finnegan fall for the sweet little goldendoodle or will the fiesty pomeranian steal his heart?  Stay tuned until next week on The Bachelor, Pawdacious Pup Edition.

A doodle dog carrying a rose toy in front of the Charlevoix lighthouse in Michigan

And there you have it!  Some of my favorite outtakes and silly images from 2019. 


Clark still holds the crown as Derpiest Dog (see the 2018 awards here), will that hold true for 2020?

You’ll have to wait and see (in the meantime, he’s still the cover image on my website homepage if you want to see him in his derpy glory, I can’t bring myself to change the image even though I think it should be a winter version right now).

Will your dog make it onto the list next year?  Book a pet portrait session now for a chance at next year’s fame and glory!  🙂

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